Article Release Date: 06/06/2013

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Theme : "Private Sector Investment for Sustainable Agricultural Transformation”

Every year, the Ministry of Agriculture & Animal Resources organizes a national agriculture expo, with a different theme every year, this year’s being "Private Sector Investment for Sustainable Agricultural Transformation.”

The AgriShow attracts all types of stakeholders of the agriculture sector, including farmers, NGOs, international agriculture products exhibitors, financial service providers, and more.

This year’s expo will be exceptionally different from last year’s, with a concentrated approach on private sector-oriented exhibitions, where farmers and investors can explore and share new agri-business techniques and skills they have acquired.

The annual event is a transformative platform that gives agriculture stakeholders a chance to stimulate agricultural transformation and give Rwanda the push it needs to generate economic development, as well as address various issues such as malnutrition, access to financing, and economic and knowledge empowerment. It will be a supporting event that allows smallholder farmers and agri-business stakeholders to link with key products crucial to agriculture development.

Kigali Farms hopes to take this opportunity at AgriShow 2013 to spread the knowledge and the power of mushroom growing; we hope to teach attending farmers that growing mushrooms can provide livelihood and nutritious lifestyles, and the ease of growing one’s own mushrooms with substrates and mushroom tubes.

Kigali Farms also hopes to make partnerships with various organizations with the hopes that they will pass on their knowledge and tools to farmers, women, and children across rural areas in Rwanda to tackle malnutrition.

We will be providing Grow It Yourself kits, fresh mushrooms, and more! Visitors will be able to personally get to meet the staff of Kigali Farms, learn about all the benefits of mushrooms, mushroom growing, and to learn about receiving training, no experience needed!

For more information on the Kigali National AgriShow 2013, visit the Ministry of Agriculture & Animal Resources’ website:

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